About JIMMY's


Jimmy Products B.V. is the producer of JIMMY’s® Popcorn, Nachos and Dips and is a leader in the international retail, cinema and leisure market with these products. JIMMY’s® products are available in 32 countries.
With production sites in the Netherlands and the UK and a state-of-the-art and innovative production system, the company has been connected to food for 32 years.

Producing, importing, and exporting quality products made with craftsmanship and passion is at the forefront of the company’s operations. This includes working exclusively with the best natural ingredients, with honesty, care, safety and respect for the planet, people and nature. The JIMMY’s® brand stands for Enjoyment, Reliability, Innovation and Sustainability. The delicious flavour and unique crunch makes JIMMY’s® Popcorn irresistibly delicious.


Whatever product we will make, now or in the future, it will always have to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We believe that a modern food producer should always be looking for a production method that:
  • should have no harmful effects on consumers;
  • has no negative impact on the environment;
  • should promote the well-being of employees.
Therefore, these objectives relating to people, nature, connectivity and innovation are at the heart of our company. Thus, our company has been successfully developing since its start, and knows – better and better! – to link business growth and quality growth. Our business partners, consumers and employees benefit from this.


Jimmy Products B.V. has been making its production methods more sustainable for many years. Fortunately, our main customers find this increasingly important as well. We ourselves see it as our duty to comply with the conditions set for us by the economy and society in 2024: a company that makes all facets of its operations more sustainable, and prepares for a successful future.

Wind and solar are at the heart of our energy supply, alongside the energy generated from processing our residual streams. Yet those residual streams are also used to make other products, such as JIMMY’s Popcorn Pale Ale. In our new and inspiring premises, which will be opened in autumn 2024, everything comes together.

This state-of-the-art popcorn production plant will contribute to our company being completely CO2 neutral as early as 2025.

By doing all this, we are fulfilling what is always at the heart of our business: delivering on our promises. And we are very proud of that!


Currently we have no open vacancy’s.

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Like any food producer, Jimmy Products B.V. is part of a value chain, with suppliers and customers. We are committed to working with chain partners who – like us – value sustainability highly. Be it the farmers who supply our corn, the supermarkets that stock our popcorn, or the cinemas where popcorn is inextricably linked to enjoying a blockbuster. Because only in a 100% sustainable chain can more sustainability gains be made.

We are convinced that sustainable chains will further contribute to innovative production and product ideas. It is for good reason that our new premises are located in the new Dutch Fresh Port, a hub of sustainable food manufacturers in Ridderkerk.


Jimmy Products B.V. likes to deliver on promises. We say what we will do, and do what we say. We expect this from our chain partners, and we expect it from ourselves. And from our employees!

As we are constantly developing, we ensure that all our colleagues can grow with us. With our JIMMY’s Academy, we provide a broad palette of education and training courses, enabling our employees not only to improve professionally, but also to perform better and more effectively as people and colleagues.

There is good reason why so many colleagues have been with us for years and form a close-knit team.  Growing together, performing better as a team and making better products; all this creates a bond. So we celebrate this bond regularly. Because that is also part of the job!