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Frequently Asked Questions

JIMMY’s All Natural popcorn is made from only the finest natural ingredients. Honest, considerate, safe and with respect for people and the environment. JIMMY’s All Natural Popcorn is made using a special production process. Whole kernels of corn are popped into popcorn by means of hot air. Air popping creates a very tender, fluffy popcorn with a pronounced corn flavour.

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions. If your question or answer is not here, please contact us at:

Since the introduction of the first popcorn and cotton candy machines at the beginning of the last century, Gold Medal has become the world market leader. Gold medal machines are the standard for our industry. JIMMY’s Foodservice has been the exclusive gold medal importer in the Benelux for almost 30 years. Thanks to the long-term relationship and mutual cooperation, a lot of knowledge is and remains in-house. This translates into a high service level.
Dietary fiber is the collective name for a number of substances that are found in the cell walls of plants. They give the plant firmness and shape. Fibers are indigestible substances and ensure that the intestines can do their job well. A shortage of dietary fiber causes intestinal problems such as too slow bowel movements and constipation. A fiber deficit is also thought to be responsible for the high prevalence of a wide range of civilization diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, gallstones, constipation, coronary heart disease, diverticulosis, blind gut inflammation, varicose veins and colon cancer.

A high-fibre dietary, with a lot of vegetables, fruit, legumes and cereal products, is further associated with a more favorable fat ratio of the blood and a lower LDL cholesterol level. high-fibre food therefore lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. As a guideline applies to adults about 25 grams of dietary fiber per day. Hereby it is preferable to get dietary fiber through the food.

JIMMY’s All Natural popcorn is:
  • No artificial aromatic substances, colourings or flavourings;
  • High in fibre
  • Gluten-free
  • Nu and peanut-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Soy-free
  • GMO-free
For questions/complaints you can contact JIMMY’s Customer Service. Has the complaint not been satisfactorily resolved after contacting our customer service? Then you can submit this in writing to Jimmy Products e.g. Send the complaint stating your name, address, place of residence, order date, items and number to: JIMMY’s Products B.V. T.a.v. Complaints Department, Postbus 1603 3260 BC Oud-Beijerland. You will receive a reply within ten working days.
Unfortunately this is not possible. If you have specific questions, or want certain photos to use, you can of course always contact us.

JIMMY’s is available in our webshop and in cinemas in Belgium, the Netherlands and France such as Pathé cinemas and UGC. You will find JIMMYs in retail at Colruyt, Sligro and Makro, among others.